Motion Graphics: The future is yours

Motion Graphics:
The future is yours

GRAPHIC DESIGN / MOTION GRAPHICS The future is yours European Commission Motion Graphics and design for the Conference of the Future of Europe Swedish social media campaign. All of the motion graphics are done by me and designed to mimic notifications, social media...
Videography: Service for a reason

Service for a reason

VIDEOGRAPHY / EDITING / MOTION GRAPHICS Service for a reason Primus Equipment Primus’ ”Service for a reason” campaign aims to encourage and educate all customers to take care of and maintain the products for as long a life as possible. As part of...


PODCAST / EDITING Samhällsekvationen WSP I was the technical producer for the podcast Samhällsekvationen (The Societal Equation) by the global technical engineering consultant company WSP where the host in each episode was in the studio with me and the guest...
Podcast: Undantagsdagboken


PODCAST / GRAPHIC DESIGN Undantagsdagboken My girlfriend Amina Agerman and I were in Agadir, Morocco when the pandemic broke out and the country declared a state of emergency. This meant that we were not allowed to go out nor travel from there. We therefore started...
Campaign: We Future-proof the World

We Future-proof the World

GRAPHIC DESIGN / PRODUCTION We Future-proof the World WSP Sweden My part in this campaign was to do all of the production in all formats in different channels. In addition, internal communication and ongoing production throughout the campaign period. The campaign was...